• It's winter time...

  • February 2020

It's winter time...

February 2020


Among wine culture comes wine tradition, and with tradition there is nowhere quite like the Strathbogie Estate.

Sitting above running rivers, overlooking rolling ranges, with an abundance of wildlife, this over 25-year-old vineyard continues to develop keeping true to its foundations.

The certainty in creating excellent wines is optimal in the heights of Strathbogie Ranges. Characterised by a rich, fertile soil with an ideal microclimate, fruits of excellent quality flourish on the rich sunny elevation. Thanks to careful care and a lot of sensitivity, excellence as well as unique wines arise year after year.

We are a family business run by sister and brother Karin and Bruno Giger.

With every grapevine hand pruned and every bunch handpicked, owners Bruno and Karin and their team are committed to growing healthy and beautiful tasting produce.

"Using the original wine makers, Ray and Brian, every bottle that leaves our estate, we deliver with passion, the desire to always be unparalleled.

We welcome you to our  Next Chapter."

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